A Victim’s Story

14 04 2011

(Bryson, C. 2011)

Ashton Bonds, beloved son of Veronica Bonds, was a 17 year old high school student and football player passed away due to a MRSA infection in October 16 2007. (Cutright, C. 2007)

He initially went to the hospital on October 4th, complaining of flank pain. Once appendicitis was ruled out, he was sent home. Just three days later he was rushed to another hospital where they found a MRSA infection in his kidneys, lungs, liver and cardiac muscles. His physicians did everything they could, but a blood clot was found, and its placement made the lifesaving surgery he needed to receive impossible. (Bryson, C, 2011)

This is just one of the estimated 19,000 deaths that occur annually in the US. MRSA is responsible for more US deaths per year than HIV/ AIDS.  94,000 people each year suffer from MRSA infections. (medicine.net, 2011)