History of MRSA

14 04 2011

(CleanPhurst, 2011)

The history of MRSA starts with the discovery of antibiotics in 1928, but it does not begin to affect the medical community until the 1940’s when penicillin starts to be mass produced and used to treat most infections (MRSA, 2009).  It was designed to treat a number of illnesses and infections, and became the go-to drug for most doctors. In the 1960’s MRSA was isolated in a British study. In the next seven years Western Europe and Australia would have frequent outbreaks.

From the 1970’s to the mid 1990’s MRSA would become recognized around the world and become an epidemic, more frequently in large urban hospitals and the percentage of hospitalized patients infected with the antibiotic resistant infection would continue to rise (University of Chicago, 2010). Up until 2008, there were such a high amount of cases that 1998-2008 became the “CA-MRSA Epidemic Decade (University of Chicago, 2010)