14 04 2011

(The Epoch Times, 2008)

If the infection is mild, and only presents itself as an abscess, the best course of treatment is incision and drainage.

Treating MRSA can be tricky because the overuse of the antibiotics that are effective against the bacteria can also be rendered useless. There are already 2 antibiotics used for MRSA that are showing resistance in some cases: Clindamycin, and Vancomycin. This has sprouted a new superbug in the same family: VRSA or Vancomycin- resistant staphylococcus aurus.

Other antibiotics that are still commonly used for HA-MRSA is Linezolid, rifampin, mupricin (for minor skin infections only) (, 2011)

CA-MRSA can sometimes be treated with Trimethoprim- sulfamethoxazole and Doxyclcine (emedicinehealth, 2011)